​Update in his own words 9 months ago:
I feel so good I'm racing bicycles again at my local BMX track! I have spinal stenosis and take no pharmaceutical drugs at all.

This gentleman had a terrible accident and was addicted to opioids.

​Fighting addiction with CBD and hemp products just plain works!

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   Fighting addiction with CBD and                     Hemp products. 

A close friend and coworker of mine spent several years of his life addicted to heroin. He would work all day on his job to make enough money to buy a fix for himself and his wife. By the time he would get home from work his hands would be shaking and he would be barely functional. His dealer would be at his house waiting to trade his fix for all the money he had made that day. 

Eventually he lost his job and the only way he could support their habit was to begin stealing. Eventually and inevitably he got caught. The judge was kind and only gave him 6 months. He was forced to quit cold turkey. And his wife was forced to go to a methadone clinic for help. He however much to his credit decided not to do methadone which is just trading one addiction for another in his eyes.

When he got out and was back around family and friends everyone said he would be back on heroin within a month. At the very least his friends and family told him he should go to the methadone clinic for help. Knowing what this type of drug had done to him in the past he began looking for another way to cope. 

Eventually he tried a high CBD strain of marijuana. He found that smoking a couple of joints a day of this high-cbd strain reduced and nearly eliminated the strong urges to go back to heroin or methadone. 

Some might say he is traded one addiction for another this is simply not true. The urges that he feels are toward the heroin not the marijuana. He never smokes enough to become stoned just enough to take off the edge. I work with him everyday. He is good-natured, hard-working and does very good work. 

Heroin addiction has destroyed many good men and women across this nation. Hi CBD strains of marijuana and hemp oil products have proven to be very beneficial for individuals who just want to get their life back. Please help us spread the word by sharing this post and your own experiences with high CBD products. 

Thank you, William Fickett

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