Where do you buy good quality Hemp seeds that will sprout?

Hemp seeds for sprouting have been really hard to locate at a reasonable price until now!

Now you can purchase high quality (90% + germination rate) clean viable hemp seeds at a very fair price.


Has an abundance of hemp seed they are selling just for sprouting purposes.  

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Tamper evident seal for your safety

1. Hemp sprouts are a safe super food.

To THE contrary of other super foods, such as soy, there is no contraindications with high amount of consumption.

2. Hemp sprouts contain and maintain a stable ratio of omega 3 and omega 6

Poly-Unsaturated Fatty Acids or PUFAs, for short, are the kind of plant-based fats considered to be  great neuroprotectant, effectively  preventing neurodegenerative diseases.

3. Hemp sprouts have a low percentage of fats compared to other seeds (only 30%)

As discussed here, consuming low levels of dietary fats is not only fundamental for metabolic and cardiac functions, but is also a pivotal point for cognitive performance.

4.Hemp sprouts provide all amino acids

This is an incredible profile for an unmatchable super food. Amino acids are the building blocks for proteins, making hemp products the most complete form of vegan protein.

(Ps. A steak does not contain all 20 amino acids!)

[hemp sprouts - Nature Going Smart]

Hemp also contains Edestin, an unique globular protein that is easily absorbed by the human body and can deliver a quick boost of energy.

5. Hemp sprouts contain high levels of cannaflavins

Cannaflavin is a underrated flavonoid which has an unique anti-inflammatory property .

(Its efficiency is well higher than aspirin)

6. Hemp sprouts taste good

Think hazelnuts taste. Making them not only more potent than aspirin, but also more desirable.

7 .Hemp sprouts do not contain THC.

The % of decarboxylated THC are as low as .001 %, making hemp sprouts incredibly safe to consume, showing no psychotropic properties.

8.  Hemp sprouts contain high levels of phytoestrogens

Due to the cannaflavin contained in hemp sprouts, it present an unique property: a similar chemical structure to a related plant Hop which has been recognised as the plant with the greatest levels of phytoestrogens.

Oestrogen is a potent neuroprotectan as you can find here.

Intake of phytoestrogen is also great at preventing PMS symptoms in women.

9. Hemp sprouts are bursting with antioxidants

Thus helping the body vs Reactive Oxygen Species (or ROS for short). Read here to know more on the disease-preventing effects of having a diet rich in antioxidants.

10.  Sprouting can occur in your home!

With a little care you could demolish the cost of this superfood almost to zero!


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